Academic Writing for a Beginner

  Okay so here i have a free video making software with which I plan to develop some cool educational videos for all students and writers out there. Simple problems faced in academic writing wastes a lot of our time trying to find out their solutions. So, here is everything consolidated in the Transcontent Youtube […]

How Independent Are You?

If this question haunts you day and night like it does to me, then you have probably come to the right place. To be independent and to taste financial freedom many people these days are working from home. We love celebrating #independenceday of the respective country or place we belong to. But, we make less […]

How to earn pocket money?

It’s a food for thought that one spends hours in front of the PC at times doing – NOTHING. That same amount of time could be used to earn pocket money. One of the best ways to earn extra bucks is to use the skill of writing you already have and make some money out […]