Top Fraud Content Writing Clients as Contributed by Writers

Content writing fraud has become an everyday affair these days. Thanks to the varied online channels of communication, it is very easy for clients and writers to communicate without even a phone call.   The more advanced we are becoming technologically, the more we are losing our privacy and safety. Our online identities today are […]

How to start content writing with no experience?

Few years back when I announced to myself and people around me that I have quit my decent 4-figure salary. And that I am entering the uncertain life of a freelance content writer. It raised a lot of eyebrows. It raised my own as well. But, why?   I had no idea about the subject […]

How Independent Are You?

If this question haunts you day and night like it does to me, then you have probably come to the right place. To be independent and to taste financial freedom many people these days are working from home. We love celebrating #independenceday of the respective country or place we belong to. But, we make less […]