Academic Writing Formatting Tips for Better Grades


Academic writing formatting plays a crucial role in writing projects for colleges and universities. A piece of work can be considered as a standard one only if the basic academic writing formatting is maintained in it. Without a basic formatting the work will look like as if you do not care about your work. And if you do not care about your work, the clients will not care about paying you either.

So, its only when you start taking your work seriously will the clients start taking you seriously.

Generally, Academic writing formatting specifications will be specified by the instructor or the client. Read over the client brief multiple times to make sure you have strictly followed every word in it. Remember formatting carries grades. Poor Formatting means Poor Grades.



If, no Instructions are given to you, maintain this Basic Academic Formatting Tips:

  1. Font Style – TIMES NEW ROMAN
  2. Font Size – 12
  3. Inter line Gap – Double Spaced
  4. Headings 1- TIMES NEW ROMAN, 12


Following this Document Formatting or Presentation to get appreciations from your tutor:-

  1. Title – The Title is a must. It also must have Students Name, Student Id and Institution Name.
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Abstract / Executive Summary (optional)
  4. Introduction
  5. Para 1
  6. Para 2
  7. Para3… per the need it goes on.
  8. Conclusion
  9. References


Word Count

Every Academic Writing paper has a predefined word count which needs to be maintained for the following reasons:

  1. Word Count carries Grades.
  2. 10% more written is acceptable. Anything more or less can lead to PENALTIES.
  3. Penalties means Poor Grades.
  4. The Student gets Poor Grades.
  5. You loose a client permanently.
  6. The client never refers you and hence you do not get a Word of Mouth Recommendation.
  7. Your Reputation is in danger.


So, for those of you who still have not understood the significance of proper formatting and presentation, WAKE UP.