Academic Writing for a Beginner


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Quetion1: What is Academic English?

The type of English used to write researches is Academic English. A research is a process for finding answers to a research question. It is the framing of a certain logic or answer using arguments, evidences and critical analysis of the same. For reaching out the the Academic audience of a wide range Academic English is used. The aim is to convince this audience that the argument created in the research is the most effective answer to a certain research question.

Academic English are of two general types:-

  1. Spoken Academic English
  2. Written Academic English


Quetion2: What is Academic Writing?

Academic writing is the process in which using Academic English mentioned above a research is conveyed. There are different types of Academic Writing. Literature, Abstracts, Lab Reports and Research papers etc. It must be remembered every kind of academic writing is having their very own conventions and rules. One must identify these rules for the respective genre before beginning to write it.


Quetion3: What are the features/characteristics of Academic writing?

Different genres of Academic Writing has their specific rules and specifications. There are however some common characteristics.

Focused Expectations – For answering research questions Academic Writing is written. Either such question is given by the university, instructor, client or is framed by the writer.

Logical Reasoning – Academic writing is basically facts. It is not an emotional writing. So a critical thinking of a clear nature is needed where arguments and logic is stated supported by evidences.

Clarity Mandatory-The readers of the researches written are depending on these and hence, the writers job is to make sure their writing is reliable, comprehensive and accurate.

Coherence- In Academic Writing sentences are needed to be coherent. This means one sentence must have a meaning connected with the previous sentence. A good way to do this is starting a sentence using an information which has a link in the previous sentence.

Process– Writers can have their own unique process. However the most effective way to write a good academic writing is to follow a process involving –

  1. Analyzation of the task or knowing the reason or purpose of the writing.
  2. Planning entire article to know what is the main question and how will it be answered.
  3. Research for gathering all the evidences or facts.
  4. Engaging writing. Make multiple drafts, edit and then work on proof reading for the writing.


Quetion4: Why is Academic writing important?

Mastering Academic writing can have a variety of benefits to the writers. One can use it in a wide variety of professions. Writers develop an individual style to be able to write researches in their own fields. One can develop as a researcher. One also develops an important skill in their resume for prospective clients.


I hope the basic understanding of what Academic writing means is somewhat clear to you all now. In case it is not and you want to ask me more questions feel free to reach me at

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