5 Positive Habits of a Work from home Content Writer

For many of us writing some interesting contents is our dream job and we even choose work from home options for this. Some join a full time content writing job.

This field of work generally requires a writer to do article writing, rewriting or blog writing works. These can also be web based or academic based writings. The main advantage of a successful content writer is to own a happy and lucky life because they can work from home, they can make their own schedules & also work as much or as less they want to do. For the content writers who are opting their work from home, need to show how talented they are, writing skill is not at all enough for a successful content writer.

work from home writer 5 habits


So, if you want to become a successful content writer, initially you need have the following 5 positive habits:


Master over major different writing styles:

For a successful content writing career one must know few different genres of writing styles. A varied portfolio fetches a wide range of subjects thus helps fulfilling needs of varied clients. However, a writer can also stick to one style or one subject. Irrespective of what the category is, in today’s world if each style is mastered by the writer it makes them more in demand and valuable. So knowledge of writing styles  occupies a big portion in a content writing career.

Effective writers do not pick randomly

The daily routine of an effective writer is the  creative process of finding a certain subject, a client who needs writing services and the entire process of working on the content, editing and getting it approved. Every subject written goes through extensive research, ideation and then analysis. Hence, nothing is picked up randomly without giving much thought to it. Writers make careful planning and visualizations before applying for a particular assignment. The most important habit of a work from home successful content writer is the understanding of the following aspects:-

  • Understand their audience: If you know completely about your reader, you will be able to write what they want to read. You need to write for your audience. Not for just yourself.
  • Perform keyword research: This is an aspect without which no article can be approved. With the help of key words only one can perform their search based on the word. An ideal article consisting proper keywords reaches out to the target audience.
  • Check out the competition: You need to check what are your competitors are sharing like their content, blogging title it, tweeting it out & posting it elsewhere.
  • Craft a catchy title: After you did research on the keywords, competitor & reader knowledge, you need to choose your subject & craft a catchy and a attractive title which will focus the interest with your readers.
  • Writing content: The next part is the actual writing process.
  • Plagiarism checking – Plagiarized content is of no use to anyone and hence a total loss for both the client as well as the writer. All efforts with no returns is not a smart way to work.


Successful content writers are 100% original

A significant habit of a talented work from home content writer is to have a unique voice, an attractive content with a different perspective or new light to that overworked subject. It is the habit of a smart content writer to never step into the world of Plagiarism as it can mean immediate termination from the job. You need to protect your reputation & career by taking such precautions. Before submitting a work, one should use an online program of plagiarism to plagiarized. Another ideal way is to have a premium Plagiarism checking account for better evaluation.


Knowledge about SEO, HTML, CSS & WordPress

You need only a few basics from these SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress. It’s worth of your time to learn the basics. Search engine algorithms change constantly, & content writers should keep updated on this. A content writer who makes no effort to be updated about the latest terminologies such as SEO and its significance in writing cannot be a successful writer. Competition will soon be ahead of such writers. The best habit is to have a fair idea about the latest techniques used by writers and marketers to boost their sites and generate traffic.


Consistency and Flexibility

As per me the only best habit which changes destiny for an individual is to be consistent. A successful writer has consistency in every aspect of their job. They are not fickle, they never over commit, they are humble and most importantly they consider their work a serious affair. Without these attitudes a writer cannot gain a high level of competency no matter how hard they try.

However with change in the external environment, circumstances and needs an ideal professional is flexible enough to mold them as per the changing factors.


A decision to do a work from home writing job is a great one provided one can develop these habits in them. An individual with a good knowledge of English and a minimum level of IQ can be a content writer. But to be an extraordinary writer one needs to be extraordinary in their approach of work even if it is a work from home job.