List of Content Writing Clients Who Actually Will Pay You [Updated]

It is sad that every now and then content writers all over the world fall in the trap of fraud content writing clients. Yes, it is a 100% true fact that there exists few bad fishes in the tank which makes the entire water dirty and impure.

But, what can you do about it? Nothing really.

You can take some common precautions like these:-

  1. Get work only from reputed online content writing job sites – Difficult but Safe.
  2. Get work only based on referrals – Tough luck but safe.
  3. Background check must for Facebook/social media based clients – Uncertain but Helps.

There are no rule books to teach you how you can be far from the clutches of fake content writing service providers. You have to be careful of every new client approaching for work. Just like opening a bank account needs your entire proofs of identifications as it is a mandatory standard procedure. Similar to this make sure to do some steps and take enough time to feel whether the person offering the next lucrative offer is a genuine one.

Here is what I do (still I have faced two big frauds in my career) –

  1. Speak over phone for every new client.
  2. Ask for his profile or website and make a background check.
  3. Ask about the content writing service providers official address. Do a general Google search.
  4. Get the first work always paid as soon as it gets approved. This gives you a good idea about whether the client is serious to have you in the team.
  5. Keep a general communication over phone to know the person better.


Years of my association with this profession of writing content has made me come across some good and some fraudsters. The trick to really sustain in this field is to go slow and not rush one bit. An eagerness to earn more within a quick time often clusters our eyesight to look beyond clearly. So, take a lot of time and clear the vision and then move ahead. This way you can avoid a Big Fall.


I wanted to help my fellow writers in a small way I can. Read more


(poor work, plagiarized, not submitting in time or wrong grammar will anyways be rejected as per the regular norms of this profession)


A.k.a – Shikha Thakur
My Comments – She always pays properly on time.


A.k.a – Amit Kumar
My Comments – Amit is a very good client who gives writers great opportunity to publish their articles with their own names. A great way for new content or blog writers to contribute to a really successful information based site Buddymantra and develop their personal work portfolio and get paid all at the same time. Amit is also a web developer and my website Transcontent is his hard work. If there is a problem he is always reachable.



Project Manager – Madhusree Chowdhury
Email –
My Comments – Excellent salary based work from home writing opportunities for freshers as well a advanced content writing professionals. They even have incentives for efficient work target achievers. Professional company with proper pay and timely pay.


A.k.a – Ayesha Saini

My Comments – Pays in time always. Simple straightforward works with a complete expectation about good quality based works.


Email –
My Comments – Pays in time always. Simple small topics but consistent work and timely payment.


A.k.a – Anish Gupta
Email –
Website –
My Comments – Pays in time always.


A.k.a – Sudhanshu Gupta
Website –
My Comments – Pays in time always.

So, Good Luck Writers.

Let now you base your choice of content writing clients based not only on the high pay they are offering. Let it be based on Quality and not Quantity. Having two long term clients paying as per standard rates is far better than five uncertain people.






4 thoughts on “List of Content Writing Clients Who Actually Will Pay You [Updated]

  1. Very nice, and informative. I’ve never found this kind of candid article on the freelance writing job providers before.

  2. The list can be updated if writers also share their experiences with good clients. At a time when every one is at the risk of being cheated it is best that writers help each other by sharing their lists as well. If you send me details I will be updating this list. However, I will be updating after making verification about the truthfulness of the individual. Help each other for a cleaner and safer freelance work environment. Thanks.

  3. Hi! I am from a tech based company and we are looking for Content Writers. What do you propose to be a fair price to pay for a content writer. We have seen people charge right from 10p to even Rs 3. I know that everything depends on the experience and niche, but what would be an approximate cost per word ?

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