How to Be a Writer and Not a Money Making Machine

The post is about my very own personal experience! It is about how to be a writer and not a money making machine.

The gap in between being a content writer and transforming into a money making machine is blurry. With no strongly specified boundaries often individuals end up erasing this gap. I know this because I did it myself. And I regret it. And I have changed it back to what it should be.

how to be a writer

Writing and expressing my mind came to me naturally. Years I associated myself in learning how to be a writer. I have also been writing for various clients side by side my full time work just to be in tough with writing. I enjoyed it and gave it sometime each day.

Few years back I quit my full time job. It is when I got the great opportunity to make writing my profession. With years of freelance experience the task seemed simple. The instant motive of my calculative mind was to fetch as much money from writing as I used to get in my full time job. Little did I know that I was going in the wrong track.

Within weeks and months I began writing day and night to meet my expectations. Finding new work, communicating with the client, doing research and writing, editing and closing every assignment took up almost 20 hours of my day.

And hey…the pay back was real good.

But, soon I end up exhausted. Sometimes quality started getting compromised. With the zeal to finish my daily word count or so called quota I overlooked proof reading, double checking and spell check like important steps. Soon, I began experiencing reworks and more energy was spent fixing errors than go for new projects.

I knew something was not right. A lot of self analysation helped me understand that just like every other thing our writing skill also has a boundary. I must cease my working hours and daily be engage in works other writing as well.

This was not easy. This was a direct hit to my earning. There was some ideas which seriously needed to be rechecked and I did. And today I can say how much better I feel in this profession.

Let me share with you some misconceptions I erased and ultimately learnt how to be a writer-

  1. WORD COUNT = MONEY: Guys, this is a truthful and proven concept. But, the stakes are high. Give yourself enough air to breathe so you can enjoy your profession as well as life. Do not fall in the trap of meeting a huge word count deadline daily to have a extraordinarily high turnover. Give it a balance.
  2. LESS PAY = BULK WORK: Once again it is a “carrotstick” approach used by many clients to attract writers take up huge works. Less pay often makes us desperate to work more to meet up our targets. There is nothing wrong in this. But, soon one ends up being over utilizing their energies than what they are being paid. This kind of assignments can be beneficial for a team of writers however. Be smart if you are a lone writer.
  3. HAVE A TEAM=FETCH MORE WORKS: Once again this is the most proven failure I witness every day. If you have writers in your team and you feel you can take up bulk projects it is a risk. This risk is worth taking only if the final quality check of each and every such work is made by you or someone who can be relied on. Taking up more work just because one has writers but not taking care of quality will ruin your reputation in no time. Be wise & decide.

Just because I am saying the above won’t work in the long run does not mean you will never attempt these. I encourage individuals to attempt this and prove me wrong. There can be nothing better than that.


So, what works for me –

  1. Balanced Target Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
  2. Fetching Clients Paying Fixed Salary Based Work.
  3. No Bulk Work Until I Hire a Writer & Pay a Fix Salary.
  4. Trying Our Working with Writers to See You Can Be a Good Team.
  5. Alternative Means of Earning – My Blog TRANSCONTENT.
  6. Constantly Updating Myself to Be a Better Writer.


To every writer of every kind out there it is very important for you all to realize that good work can only come if you do not rush. Rushed job can never be quality job. Being fast paced is good but being careless while meeting deadlines is unfair to clients as well as to your own reputation.

So, think about it. (ask me if you have doubts about how to be a writer and not just a robot making a pice)