10 Gifts of Working From Home

Just like there are times of awfulness of working from home, so are the goodies. Being working from home as a freelance content writer over two years I am really witnessing the advantages.


The biggest advantage of all is being FREE.

The second gift is I am ever HAPPY.

And the third and the biggest one is I am earning just as the Full Time Job.

 10 gifts of working from home

So, the question comes How I Made It?

Well, I have been doing content writing for numerous  blogs, companies, websites and universities from all over the world.  The gifts of working at home are many.


Ten Gifts of Working From Home:

  1. I have Balanced Work and Home….(finally..Aaahhhhhh).
  2. I have designed my time as per me.
  3. My earnings are regular and consistent.
  4. I focus on new things in my free hours.
  5. I save Petrol/Gas.
  6. I avoid daily traffic.
  7. I am a lot more productive and energetic.
  8. I have lesser distractions.
  9. I now notice the small and fine details of life for which had no time before.
  10. I am stress free with regards to work.


Isn’t that enough ??? It surely is.
Hard work cannot be eliminated from life. No matter what profession you choose or the medium of work it is only hard work which will help you be financially stable. It is all about priority.

Like practical people, we should not just talk about the bright side of it. Of course there are times of low. Don’t low times occur in full time jobs? See how awful at times work from home can be. But the good news is you can avoid all these.

It all depends on how you design your professional career. For me I am happy and glad to have started a journey where my work is helping me sustain myself and my family in a stable manner.  At the same time, it is giving me immense freedom and joy I never experienced before.


Due to the benefits I see in working from home, I am also working with a small team of writers virtually. I believe the best talents get used in the best possible manner if they are relaxed.