5 Reasons Why Writers Perform Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an unforgivable word in the world of content writing. The word simply means writing duplicate content. The outcome of submitting content which is plagiarized can lead to grave consequences.


Today with readily available free and paid Plagiarism checker tools, there is no reason why a writer will not check their work before submission.


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Before proceeding to understand why one must not submit plagiarism in their works, we need to first detect the reasons why many times people write plagiarized articles. Remember, sometimes duplicity in content is completely unintentional. So, for those new writers who are struggling to know about Plagiarism read on these signs to see whether you go through the same?


5 Reasons Why Writers Plagiarise Content At Times –

  • Your thoughts or way of expressing a sentence, words or phrases matches exactly other write ups existing on the web without your knowledge. A harmless scenario but there is no space for plagiarism in the field of content writing, academic writing or web content writing. 
  • Sometimes there is lack of awareness about the subject. Happens especially with new content writers. This is a learning every content writing service provider must enlighten a new writer before beginning real time work. 
  • Writers do not have the time to complete a project. So, they just pick up paragraphs from somewhere and paste it to fill up the word count need within the deadline. Unforgivable and this action have no justification or reasoning. One must take up work based on the time one can allocate. A provision of time for checking plagiarism is a must. 
  • Writers simply do not care to check. This is perhaps the most witnessed scenario we face daily. Some individuals just do not understand the true meaning and consequences of submitting plagiarized works. ( Imagine someone paying you two 500 Rupees note for your content writing work fees. Now one note is a duplicate note. Plagiarism or duplicity of texts is the similar to duplicity in money matters. And like the former, its consequences are also legal ). 
  • The most dangerous of all. The “IT’S OKAY”  or “CHALTA HAI” kind of attitude. Such an attitude and regular negligence can destroy a great career in content writing.


So, if any of the above symptoms match be sure that you are affected with the Disease of Practicing Plagirism in your Profession. Refrain from it. The only medicine to stop this from spreading and becoming your second nature is to Stop and Check your content through free or paid Plagiarism checker tools.


For all those writers out there, understand Plagiarism checking as a part of the project given. It is like tightening up your shoe laces before beginning a run for a race. You sure will fall if you do not undergo tightening of the lace action before beginning the race. Not checking Plagiarism and submitting work will lead to an unstable career and a lot of different kind of losses. Some tangible while some are intangible but will leave lasting effect on your profile.


Major Consequences of Plagiarism

Rejection of Work -Monetary Loss-Reputation Loss-Destroyed Future Reliability-Penalties and Legal Repercussions-Reputation Loss