Top Fraud Content Writing Clients as Contributed by Writers

Content writing fraud has become an everyday affair these days. Thanks to the varied online channels of communication, it is very easy for clients and writers to communicate without even a phone call.


The more advanced we are becoming technologically, the more we are losing our privacy and safety. Our online identities today are more vulnerable than before.


When an individual approaches a content writer for work the following are the obvious questions that comes in the writer’s mind:-

  • Is the client genuine to work with?
  • Will the client make payments after work submission?
  • Will payments be on time?

Such questions have their answers right there in the CONTENT WRITING JOB POSTING made by the prospective client.


If you are someone who has taken up content writing as a career and is serious about it then you definitely need clients who are serious too.  There is a huge shortage of quality clients who recognizes your talent, appreciates and guides you to be better in the job along with their own growth. There are very few clients who are aware of the pay scale of freelance content writers prevalent in the industry and abide by that.


Here is a list of clients I have been cheated by. I request readers to send me details of fraud content writing client’s list and details if they have faced similar situations and I will publish it here. This will help other content writers to be cautious and alarmed if they come across these fraud content writing clients.


  1. Fatima
    fraud content writing client
    Incurred a loss of over 12k. The lady not just faked her name, social profile but also her ID card was fake. Of course, I found that out later. Had I been cautious while she shared her ID, I could have avoided it. She said she was associated with WebiHow blog and will be posting my woks there. I noticed she posted one work and then she disappeared. She stopped all contacts. Now, there is no proof whether WebiHow is behind this or Fatima has been using the site in some manner. I took an initiative I sold all my articles to some other client. That way she will not be able to use my hard work for her gains. J
    Check how to judge whether an ID is fake or genuine from here.
    Details :-
    Name – Fatima
    Email –
    FB Page –
    Blog –
  2. Writers Guild
    Incurred a lost of around 1600 INR. There was a commitment of fortnight payment being made which I agreed. Post 15 days the person vanished from this Earth. When I called from a different phone number and mentioned my name he just cut and never took calls.
    Of course when I look back now I can see there was so less conversation or email from the fraud client’s side. I never noticed it at that moment.
    Name – Pallab Das
    Email –
    Phone –  9402193741 and 09402193740
  3. Anthony Nderi ( Contributed by Aiman Zubair – Facebook)

    fraud content writing client
    Source –

    This fraud client has set up a Forum where he asks writers to join and begin working Link – Now, he says to pay after 15 days work is over. However, post 15 days he stops responding to writers. No matter how much you mail or ping him he never responds. He even publishes your articles here  Link – is over $200 that is pending to be paid to the contributing writer by this fraud content writing client.

    Name – Anthony Nderi
    Email –
    Forum – Bitrix24Network
    Writer’s contact source to this client – Digital Point

  4. Nitin Grovar ( Contributed by Swati Verma – Facebook )
    The client has not paid the contributing writer for her 12-15 articles which amount Rs 2300. When the work was done since over a month now he has stopped responding to the writer.
    Name – Nitin Grovar
    Email –
    Social –


All these incidents shake you up. Because for us writers, this is our living and this is our work. And we all are very serious about it.


This can help you detect a potential fraud content writing client –5 Traits to Detect Fraud Clients in Content Writing


It is really better to be a little more safe, doubtful, cautious then end up being fooled. Asking for a voters id, pan card or an adhar card can be a rain check for writers. However, a novice eye can overlook the  fakeness of a fake identification card also. Look how to detect whether an ID is fake or genuine.


My intention of posting this article is to work as an “Eye Openeer”. I  want people to contact me and tell me their unfortunate experiences like mine. I would love to publish details of such list of top fraud content writing clients contributed by writers. Share with me.

Or simply use the Comment Box below.


Let us help each other to make a harmonious content writing community.

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