5 Traits to Detect Fraud Content Writing Service Providers

Can one hire a freelance content writer and not pay after the work is done? Yes, there are multiple fraud content writing service providers.


They can be a single individual or even a fake company.


It is really sad. But, all these years I have been in this profession, I’ve seen writers cheated, burned, morally pushed down, hurt, robbed, insulted and stung by unethical professionals who believe cheating is the way to earn profits.


Well, they forget the age old saying that “Robbed money never lasts forever.


One can take away the money, the hard work and the piece of work itself. But, one can never take out the intellect that lies in the minds of every content writing professional.


Sharing with you all what my personal ways to detect recognize a potential online fraud content writing client.


5 Common Behaviors of Fraud Content Service Providers


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Unusual Signs – Can’t be explained technically but such signs have been experienced by many of us by now. The potential client tends to show weird and unusual behavior and signs.  One common sign is too limited communications or just sticking to one word communications. No or less acknowledgement sent when a mail is sent or work is submitted through mails is one sign i personally faced twice by two different fraud content writing service providers.


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Does Not Take Calls The fraudster here is quite afraid that you can reach out to him/her. So, the individual will never take your calls. The best way for these fraud clients is the Facebook Chat. No matter in what way you try calling them, or how many calls you make, they won’t be picking it up. They will also be making lame excuses for not picking up the call. They will limit communication only through online medium.


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Offering Very High Rate – Another alarming sign is a “Too-Good-To-Be-True” rate for a piece of work. Generally, Indian content writing field is filled with low payment instances. However, there are clients which are paying very good rates as per industry standards. But beware of those people who on the first instance offer a pay which seems to be too good to be a reality.


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No Active  Social Profile – Well it is not mandatory for an individual to have a social profile at all. But, there are some fraud clients who does  have a social profile but the profile will usually be blank with no activities inside it. It is also not a rule that a person has to have an active social profile. But, sometimes your gut feeling will guide you about the eeriness of the person’s social identity.


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Payment Delays – Some of us who are writer turned employers are well aware that sometimes payments do get delayed for genuine reasons. There can be a delay in payment from the client sitting at a higher level, work rejections, work rectifications, weekends or simple alternate Saturdays not being a day for bank transfers.  These are all acceptable by writers. But, delaying for unnecessary reasons and delaying for an indefinite time or committing over and over and not keeping it are alarming signs of a fraud content writing service provider.


The most important action a content writer must take when a job is being offered is to “PAUSE”. Do not jump start a project. If you loose on work and if you are a competent content writer then there will be million other jobs to come. So, wait and analyze before committing a client any work.


Here is a list of fraud online content service provider client’s list  I personally have been cheated. Check to be safe.


Small steps taken before beginning a freelance content writing job will save hours of anguish, hatred, frustration, grief, helplessness, revengeful thoughts, distrust and financial loss.


Checklist :

  1. Full Name and not some Fancy Social Name
  2. Location
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email id
  5. Company Details (if any)
  6. Id Proof ( read here how to judge whether an id is genuine or fake)
  7. What payment mode do they have?
  8. What is their payment frequency? Daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly?
  9. If you are communicating via Facebook check the Profile.
  10. Ask if he or she runs a website or a blog.


Remember not all content writing service providers will be working or communicating over Whatsapp or have a Social Media Profile. That does not make him or her fake. Do not be over judgmental also.


Just rely on your own gut feeling and do ask a lot of questions regarding the work and the individual before starting a project.


To help my readers here is a list of fraud content service providers I personally have witnessed. (check the list)


Keep a check on this article from time to time as i would request readers to send me their own list of fraud content writing service providers as well. My effort is to make a list of fraud content service providers so that writers can read and be careful. This list will be updated frequently.


Do send me details of your unfortunate story of online content writing fraud experience and i will publish it to help others. (send here)