Know how to Check Fake id card – Voters, Pan and Aadhar.

Thanks to innovation and technology today you can make any fake id card by simply using an automatic generators. Making a fake id card is Punishable under Law.  A common individual must know how to id checking of Voters, Pan and Aadhar card to avoid being cheated.

However, there are very little differences between a real and a fake id card. Let’s see how to identify fake id cards.


How to check Voters ID Card Genuinitiy?
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  1. HOLOGRAM to be present
  2. Important web link from Google for entire info .
    Link –

Strict action will be taken by the Electoral Commission of India if fake voter id cards are made using automatic online id card generator.


Know how to check/verify Pan Card Details Online.

This “Know Your PAN” service issued by the Central Government can help know whether a Pan card is fake or real. Do a manual verification from this link. Verify PAN data of a person easily.

Link –

fake id


How to check Aadhar Card Genuinity?

Here is a quick way to verify an Aadhar card to check whether it is fake id or real.
Link –


Client’s approaching freelance writers over chat or social media, taking loads of articles from them and then disappearing in an instant is a common scenario.


Ask any content writer. At least once in their life they have been cheated by fraud content writing service providers.


However, this can be avoided. If one can be sure about the identification of the individual before beginning work.


Like every full time jobs asks for a candidates entire identifications before hiring him or her, candidates also holds the right to question originaility of firms or individual clients. There should be no shame, no hesitance and no dilemma in asking for it.


Remember a true client is just eager to get their work done. They will be more than happy to share such information. Because everyone is looking for people with whom they can work long term.


Do not forget to glance by this CHECKLIST to detect who is a potential corrupt client. And to be a little bit more on the safe side I shared my personal fraud incidents. Keep a tap on this article to see list of people who are on my DIRTLIST already.


And if you have anything to contribute to me, if you are blold enough to publish the names, mail id, phone number or even pictures of these crooks, then be my guest.  Send me over details and I will make sure these fraudsters don’t hide behind the doors.

 Some come, lets make this DIRTLIST longer by filling it up with real experiences.

Be aware to be safe.


Thanks 🙂