What No One Says About Work From Home Jobs

For many of us today, work from home has become an attainable reality. Thanks to all the technological advancements, not a big set up is required to earn from home. No need to go to an office daily. No need to follow a strict 9 to 5 job pattern. No need to always be alert and self conscious. A life filled with freedom while earning money.

That is what one thinks when one does work from an office. One who has never worked from home says “There is nothing better than earning being at home ”.

If you are one who is presently working from home must be considering how happy you are to be free like a bird. Having all the time in your life, traveling, perusing a hobby, working, singing songs …

We all now how much true is that.

There is nothing wrong in working from home. But, there are some painful truths one must be aware of. So, if you are someone who wants to plunge into it, here are some Reality Checks.


10 Truths about Work from Home which No One Says


You end up working all the time. Since your office is your laptop. You forget the cut out time.  There is less sense of time, less boundaries and fewer disciplines. So, being your own boss means you just work…

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You probably are in your shorts day and night. You might have not bathed or groomed yourself in days. Your home might be in a cluttered stage as no one is visiting you. After all who is there to impress?


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Just because you are working from home, many times you are taken for granted. A general conception is  “Actually it is not a work”. Even if you are sitting and working all the time. People ask favors and expects you keep them since you are working from home.


Your guilt makes you work more. Some of us just cannot accept in our own self that working from home is also a full time work. So, even if you are sick there is no one to report to. Being your laptop office just by your bed you end up working compromising on health.


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Over snacking and over consumption of beverages. Being all alone at home and working for hours gives the cravings of your taste buds a great boost. And since you have everything just by your side who is there to stop that occasional coffee or hamburger?


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You have probably by now self poisoned yourself by being at home all the time. Especially during deadlines. You  must be only going out to grab a bite or get some food.  You are in a state where you cage yourself indoors and work, work and work to meet your deadlines.


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Getting distracted is so damn easy for people who work from home. Especially since no one is standing behind your shoulders. An occasional social network trip in the name of work breaks is a common experience for many.


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You are the caretaker of all the technology you are surrounded by on which your work depends completely. So, if your internet is off all of a sudden or you computer crashes you get no official help. It is you who have to do the hard work and fix it to get back to work.


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Unfinished tasks give you a different kind of a guilt. You often end up completing it by overworking or working even on your weekends.


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You make some of your friends envious to the core. But, they never show it. Some of them are jealous but still pats on your back saying “ That’s so cool you work from home”.


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Oh! If you are a someone who works from home with kids. Then that’s a perfect icing on the cake. The more you try to work the more your kids try to grab your attention. It’s a hurdle deciding what to focus on.


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Remember, every problem has a solution. We sometimes do not see it because the way we see it sometimes is not just right. Even a work from home career can give one all the happiness one expects to have. All it needs is a little customization and a little determination. The most important thing needed to change this is ” Work Ethics”.


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