Stop Writing Repetitive Content that Sucks

Your views about Donald Trump can be anything –but you can’t deny that he is never boring.  He has once again proved it in his recent Presidential campaign. He has shown the world that there is nothing called bad publicity. Content is where he excels and tops all leaders.


Whether you love him or you hate him. Truth is people cannot stop talking about Trump. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter explodes every time he makes a statement. The media is devoted to cover him as if it is their duty. And hey, that is the magical reason for so much free publicity he gets.


America is unable to really stop talking about Trump. And that’s the reason why Trump has defeated the rest 17 candidates and became the Republican Nominee in just over a year’s time. No matter what your backgrounds are in Politics, with that kind of huge publicity you are bound to fetch million supporters.


Now, let’s compare Trump with our work and that is Content writing. Let’s talk about what brands are doing and how are they performing. Brands are basically using attractive content, churning out attention, creating numerous posts, all with the hope to get meaningful visitor engagement.


It is true everyone out there is talking, talking and talking. But is anyone really listening? It’s a true fact. And maybe you are doing it as well. All are your precious words. Your best thought words for the world.


But, nobody really cares.


So, why is it so? Where is the problem? Why is your content not getting Trump equivalent attention?


Write Compelling Content
It is time we do a bit of a Reality Check. Do the favor of asking yourself the following questions. If you find the answer to these questions as a “yes” then hey, it is true your writing sucks bad.

  • Are you always trying to write safe?
  • Are you always pleasing someone?
  • Are you afraid of disagreements?
  • Are you always sure not to offend?
  • Are you aware of your audience and their needs?

Remember good content must always be highly engaging. If you are not writing good content then you are damaging rather than gaining.


In a nutshell, there is no point writing repetitive content and filling up one more opinion of the latest trending topic just to earn few bucks.


If you write about a topic which really excites you, the impact of it will fall on your writing and on the audience as well. The readers might disagree about what you write. But, at least they are showing that they care about what you are saying.

If this has still not convinced you, there are many tools and data check analyzers out there to prove whether your content sucks. So, don’t blame if visitors are not liking, sharing or commenting on the posts made you or if they are reading the post and leaving the site instead of reading it full. It is not their fault. Probably, it’s yours.


Here is another reality check. BuzzSumo checks over million articles and finds almost 75% articles written and posted on the web get no social media foothold. Remember there can be only two kinds of articles that can succeed. One, articles of original research. Two, articles that convey a strong opinion.


3 Ways to Stop Writing Content that Sucks
Good news always come in the last. There are three ways in which you can immediately stop writing content which sucks.

  1. A good piece of content must have a great point of view. Never be afraid to take your stand.
  2. Write what you want to write clear, loud and boldly. There is no need of softening your tone.
  3. Take up risks whenever needed. Remember disagreements also mean opening up opportunities of conversations.

It is extremely important to connect with the audience emotionally. Write outrageously, be a fun and you can also be the devil’s advocate. You can even be wrong at times. No matter what is place your views out there. Good luck for it!


One quick way to stop writing content that don’t such is answering this question to yourself:


“Find out subjects content writers are most unwilling to write or even touch.  Be the one to write about it which everyone else fears to write.


You are good to go.


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