How to start content writing with no experience?

Few years back when I announced to myself and people around me that I have quit my decent 4-figure salary. And that I am entering the uncertain life of a freelance content writer. It raised a lot of eyebrows. It raised my own as well. But, why?


I had no idea about the subject and zero past experience. Zinch.


Close people tried to talk me out of it as they were concerned about my future. But, I knew that freelance content writing career is as good as a full time job offer. And as far as earnings are concerned – “Sky is your perimeter”.


And here I am now. I have a bag full of work, pitfalls, learning and experiences. And from where I see it, I see a whole world of new opportunities out there for me to explore and grow.


All this without compromising on my freedom.


So, if you are trying your hands on this career and unable to reach your targets due to lack of experience, and then read on. You can start and create a strong freelance writing career with no experience. If I can do it, you can too.


For the Absolute Beginner
As I mentioned earlier, you do not need to have a formal degree to begin writing. You must have the Basic English grammar knowledge in place. What you must have is a passion for writing or expressing your inner self. If you do not feel interested in writing, then this is probably not the right career for you.

Only if one loves to write, has a positive approach to learn new things and work on their weaknesses one can start freelance writing.

How did I start with absolutely zero experience?
I never had the professional know how or experience to write good contents. I knew I always loved to express myself and writing came naturally to me due to this. What I had was a thirst to learn from whatever source I came across.


Thanks to the internet, my employers and my will to learn it, I picked it up fast.


Whatever information I came across about the profession I read them all. I left nothing out. I learn how to find work online. I understood the difference between content mill write-ups and unique contents. I learnt the terminologies of the trade. I also got introduction to the large freelance marketplace that helps getting work.


Now, how will you know which of these will work out for you?


You don’t.


It is only through regular work you can recognize the talent underlying your hood. It is time and constant work on the subject that will help you understand what you like and what you dislike. Till then, keep writing.


3 Steps to Start Content Writing With Absolutely No Experience
These are my very personal techniques which I am glad to share with you today. It worked you pretty well for me. I hope it does for you too.


I divided my entire day in three parts – Work, Learn and Get Work


When you have bagged your first assignment of content writing your first responsibility is to do justice to it. Leave everything aside. Do not rest until the work you wrote is in sync with the expectations of your first client. Remember, your words will not prove how good your writing skills are. Your writing will.

It is said that the development of our brain ceases if we stop learning new things. Do not throw your brain into that comfort couch when you have grabbed the technique of freelance writing. Remember there is an entire online resource of knowledge out there which can make you a better freelance writer.

If you have covered up everything, start reading blogs of other writers who writers better than you. That’s the best way to add finesse to your writing skills.


Get Work:
This is one important ritual one must follow on a daily basis. This does not mean you will overload yourself with assignments. Getting new jobs does not literally mean the same. By, this I want you to everyday scout the internet, freelance marketplaces, social media and other sources to keep a tab of what is going on in your profession.

I honestly, do not know of any other technique or process using which you can start freelance content writing career with no experience. Remember there are no fixed rules. There is no right way or a wrong way. No matter how you personalize your way of work, consider to stick to it.


Experience of writing with time will eventually make you a good freelance content writer.

Here is a great article on – How to Stop Writing Repetitive Content That Sucks.


I will be happy if my personal story inspired you. If you still have some queries that you want to ask me …Here I am!