How Independent Are You?

If this question haunts you day and night like it does to me, then you have probably come to the right place. To be independent and to taste financial freedom many people these days are working from home.

We love celebrating #independenceday of the respective country or place we belong to. But, we make less effort to celebrate the same for ourselves.

Not all of us are tailor made to do a 9 to 5 job.

If, someday we take a bird’s eye view from top and look down on our own life, we will see that the graph of our lives are in the same pattern. Day in and day out.

Don’t you feel it’s boring ? Powerful thought. Well as I always keep repeating –” Power lies in your hands only to change this”.

Aim for celebrating your own financial independence this year along with your country’s #independence day. đŸ™‚

Reach us if you are interested in doing content writing work from home jobs. We will teach you how it works and also answer all your doubts and concerns. Groom your writing skills without any investment and start earning right from home right away.

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Some of the common questions people have :-

What is content writing? And how fast can I learn it?
Remember what you have been taught in school. We all have been writing essays, compositions and descriptions all our lives. Content writing is somewhat close to that but not entirely. Products and services in a blog or a website needs write-ups to make the potential customer aware about the benefits. For this writing work article writers are hired.

It is quite fast to learn provided you have a decent knowledge of English sentence framing, Basics of Grammar and on top of all The Zeal to Learn,

What will be my earning?
Various websites and blogs today are debating on the same topic. Content writers can really make a decent income of 10K -12K per month to begin with. However, for a novice it will take few months to reach this level. However, this is not the maximum limit. The number of articles you write per day is the deciding factor for your income level.

How will i be paid?
Indian clients generally pay via Net Banking. While clients from outside of our country chooses PayPal as the payment mode.

Those were the 3 questions that usually stops you from plunging into this field. Uncertainties, doubts, inner fear, inability to proceed, lack of consistency and impatient are some vices we recommend all upcoming writers to throw in the Trash.

Remember, every thing needs hard work and so does to be independent. For getting financial freedom one has to dedicate time, energy and a positive frame of mind. Only then can one taste the freedom of life in its true sense.

Be independent.

Team Transcontent :)